If you are spending tens of thousands of pounds each month on mailings, then you will be constantly looking to reduce that figure, or to increase the hit rate of enquiries. Like many other companies, you will be seeking more accurate data profiles, more recent electoral roll data, and you'll want fewer returns because people have moved away.

You will also want fewer complaints from the relatives of people who have died, and you'll want to avoid legal action. That is why deceased suppression and goneaway suppression is essential, and it is essential that you update your in-house lists every month. Some people will move during the month, people change phone numbers each month, and some people die each month.


Improving the data asset your already possess.

If your company is regulated by the DMA (Direct Marketing Association) then there are given specific rules that you must stick to, and if you are not covered by the DMA then there are best-practice guidelines and laws that you will need to adhere to.

But, most of all, you will wish to save money by not mailing unsuitable recipients, people who may have moved away, or people who would never buy your product or service.

Data appending services.

If you are selling conservatories, then you will want homeowners with a little surplus cash, not high rise council tenants. By appending data subjects you can select and profile your own data and avoid contacting those households that are unsuitable.

There are a great many subjects that you could buy and append, such as homeownership, types of house (semi/detached), number of bedrooms in property, affluence of family members, age of family members, presence of kids, pets, hobbies and holidays taken, to name just a few. By adding subjects to your existing data you are adding value to your data set, and saving money by selective profiling before mailing or contacting.

Reverse profiling.

If you are selling mobile phones then you may think that young people are the most profitable target audience, only to realise that family-package-deals are more profitable, and that by targetting a 50 year old father with three teenage kids is your best bet.

Reverse profiling, known as data insight, gives you information about your existing clients, and that will help to find more clients for your products and services.

Our approach.

If you are a heavy user of data then we can save you time and money, and could even supply an entire electoral roll appended with subjects that will help you to profile and select prospects for your marketing campaigns.

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